SIE management and personal skills development, focused on developing better brains for better business.

The unique portfolio of high quality, high impact training, builds skills in five inter-related areas:

·   Learn, Absorb & Understand - Learn more efficiently, take better notes, think and plan effectively and be well informed.

·   Write, Speak & Influence - Make a positive impression, be remembered, build relationships and influence effectively - in every interaction.

·   Creative Thinking & Innovation - Generate new perspectives and ideas, solve real problems and enhance decision making and team working.

·   Meetings, Facilitation & Coaching - Enhance group participation, share knowledge and run productive meetings that make good use of everyone's skills and experience.

·   Engagement & Personal Balance - Enhance engagement and motivation, reduce stress levels and improve performance.

The range of courses and workshops has been developed to contribute significantly to organizations’' management and personal development agendas - with a strong focus on high levels of skills transfer and a wide variety of flexible delivery options.

We have developed handy 'development pathways' that reflect how various organizations have used the courses to contribute successfully to various programmes:·   Leadership Development  ·   High Potential People Programmes  ·   Graduate Development

·   Management Development ·   Personal Development

Whether you are attending a course yourself or you are sourcing and arranging training for other people, you will want to ensure that you always get

·   Value for money - high quality training costs individuals and organisations hard-earned money and it is important that the money is well spent.

·   Value for time - it is vital that time spent on training courses is time well spent and that people learn real skills that make a difference to performance and motivation.