Learn, Absorb & Understand
Information overload is a challenge for every business professional. The volume of information available to us these days is overwhelming. Being able to assimilate it, remember it, use it effectively and 'do more with less' time and resource is a growing challenge for all of us.
...the general causes of information overload include:
• Rapidly increasing rates of new information being produced (more people writing articles, producing white papers, writing emails, etc).
• More ways to distribute and duplicate information (business press article also published on multiple websites with excerpts in partner e-newsletters, etc).
• Increased number of information channels (business press, national press, internet, intranet, email, direct mail, etc).
• Large amounts of historical information available (old reports, old campaigns, filed brochures, recommended books, etc).
• Content inaccuracies (typos and grammatical errors changing the meaning, fuelling the reader's desire to find accurate evidence).
• Contradictions in copy when trying to compare information.
• Distractions (more information, colleagues, telephones, personal situations, etc).
• Insufficient knowledge of the tools and techniques available to combat information overload (Mind Mapping, Speed Reading and Memory Techniques).