Advanced Thinking and Learning Workshop
Effective working strategies to absorb, understand and organise information. Avoid information overload through Mind Mapping, Memory and Speed Reading techniques.
This programme focuses on the forms of information that are overloading you today and teaches you the techniques required to increase your productivity and effectiveness, improve your memory and enhance how you think and plan. This course is especially relevant if you are:
• Trying to cope with ever increasing amounts of information at work.
• Taking on multiple roles.
• Finding that increased responsibility (and the increasing amounts of information associated with it) is putting a strain on you.
• Juggling work and time to effectively study.
We work in a 24/7 knowledge economy that requires us to absorb ever-increasing volumes of information from reports, emails, the internet, presentations and journals, to keep up to date. You can develop the skills to manage large amounts of information and avoid overload, by combining Mind Mapping, Memory and Speed Reading techniques.
Benefits of this course
This course teaches you simple, yet profoundly effective techniques to combat the overwhelming amount of information you need to absorb on a daily basis. Mind Maps, Speed Reading techniques and knowledge about how to build a powerful memory, have all been around for many years. This course was put together by the leading experts on teaching. Using these techniques will allow you to build practical skills that will give you immediate benefits to last a life-time:
• Planning, organising and thinking - when Mind Maps are taught properly and used to their full potential, they are superb for thinking through challenges, comprehensively planning (presentations, activities, projects, reports) and spotting (and making use of) connections and associations to add value to any ‘thinking' task. Using Mind Mapping at work will help you save professional and personal time. This course will also ensure you can apply it to many daily business tasks.
•  Managing and problem-solving - being able to quickly absorb relevant information and then map out the different aspects, think through the consequences of possible actions and make better decisions.
• Note-taking from the spoken and written word - whether in a meeting, interview or discussion, or summarising information from a journal or report, taking notes in which the relevant information is clear and easy to remember, is exceptionally valuable in business and other areas of life.
• Reading faster and remembering more - the norm on this course is for people to double or treble their reading speed, whilst understanding better and remembering more. Imagine how useful that would be! Many managers and professionals tell us that they spend on average, 40% of their time reading. That's two days a week, every week. If you double your reading speed (it is very rare for course delegates not to do so) you will save yourself a day a week - every week, forever!
• Study effectively and efficiently - studying for an Open University degree, professional exams or other qualifications, whilst holding down a job as well, requires commitment and self-discipline. You also need techniques that save you time and help you achieve better results. The techniques you will learn on this course will give you the edge you are looking for.
• Be memorable for your memory - 90% of people on our courses tell us that they would like to have a better memory - for facts, figures, names and faces. This course shows you how!
Who should attend?
This course is suitable for all levels of personnel in an organisation trying to cope with ever increasing amounts of information at work, including managers and leaders in private and public sectors through to qualified professionals and technical experts.
It also helps anyone looking for a management development programme offering practical skills to manage the activities that take up time or individuals taking professional qualifications and studies.
"A highly enthusiastic and knowledgeable trainer with an abundance of stamina, who made it a thoroughly enjoyable day and an excellent learning opportunity.  The skills we learnt today will be migrated to our personal and professional development. I would certainly recommend the training to other organisations." Warrant Officer Chris Murphy - Fleet Operations Room Manager - Maritime Operations Centre (Northwood).
Course content
Compact 1 day or Comprehensive 2 day
• The brain, thinking and learning - the structure of your brain, how it works and how you can use this information to think, learn and work more effectively. You will also cover what is required to make learning effective.
• How to Mind Map - what is it and how to use this versatile tool to manage information, make notes and improve thinking and planning. You will also understand how to use Mind Maps for personal and business advantage.
• Learn how to speed read - understand how the eye and brain work together and how to dramatically improve your reading speed, comprehension and information retention. You will discover your reading speed and ways to improve it without losing too much comprehension through speed reading techniques.
• Memory principles and rhythms - introducing the principles of effective memory, how we remember (and forget!) during and after learning and how to remember anything you need to.
• Learning to learn - how we learn new skills and how to make that easier.
Before the course
Before, during and after the course you can test your reading speed with our Speed Reading Challenge.