Effective Speed Reading
Learn to Speed Read - Read faster, understand better, remember more
The volume of information bombarding us today can be overwhelming. Being able to read it quickly, understand it and remember it is an increasing concern for us all. So much so, that speed reading is becoming an essential skill to acquire.
The Effective Speed Reading course is not just about learning to speed read; it also teaches techniques to improve information absorption and recall. The programme includes the unique INSEAK® approach to reading, exclusive to Illumine, which shows you exactly how to achieve this.
Effective Speed Reading™ will treble your reading speed and save many, many hours!
Benefits of this course
• Dramatically increase your reading speed - most people double and even treble their reading speed whilst maintaining comprehension. So if you spend 40% of your day, when you learn to speed read and just double your reading speed (without losing comprehension) you'll save a day a week.
• Prioritise and save time - read what's important and have more time to get on with your other work.
• Improve your efficiency and effectiveness - through greater comprehension and easier recall of information.
• Manage information more effectively - expand your knowledge base and make informed decisions.
• Slash time spent studying - condense reading and recall information more effectively in lectures, exams and assignments.
• Increase competence and confidence - build knowledge and understanding of any subject - and be able to recall it when you need it!
"Will never read a business book or report the same way anymore because of this course. Great. What a time saver" Senior Commercial Manager - Large worldwide retailer
Who should attend?
• People whose work or study involves getting through a lot of reading material.
• Anyone experiencing information overload.
• Those who want to create more time for themselves.
Course content
• Know you are improving - we test your reading speed at the start of the course and on completion so that you know you are improving.
• How the eye works - the mechanics of how the eye works in tandem with the brain.
• Assessment - assess your current reading speed and comprehension and watch it dramatically improve throughout the course.
• INSEAK® - an introduction to the Intelligent Strategy for Effective Acquisition of Knowledge developed by Illumine specifically to improve the effectiveness of reading.
• Environment - create the ideal environment for reading and establish different approaches for different reading material and objectives.
• Practice Techniques - how to continue to improve your reading speed after the workshop.
"You get lots of practice during the day, so you can see immediate improvements and therefore the benefits" Personal Insurance Underwriter, Large Insurance Company