Mind Mapping

Delivering Mind Mapping courses since 1996, we have unparalleled experience in successfully helping people and organisations benefit from this unique technique. We have a range of options that ensure that professional, effective Mind Mapping is available for everyone:
» Mind Mapping for Business
The leading course for business professionals who want to unleash the power of Mind Maps® at work.
» Mind Mapping for Education
The Mind Mapping course for anyone involved in education. All levels catered for.
About Mind Mapping
Mind Mapping is the note-taking and note-making system that uses images, colour, words and numbers arranged in a connected, radiant and hierarchical structure.
Our training courses, workshops, webinars and e-Learning programmes are pragmatic sessions that ensure you have the skills required to use the techniques learnt on your return back to work.
We take Tony Buzan's well known technique for effective thinking and learning, and show you how to apply it and benefit from it in your business, educational or personal environment. You will learn how to think more creatively and incisively, plan more effectively, improve your memory and raise your effectiveness at work and to ever higher levels.
Remember all our training is practical... jargon-free... immediately usable...
What you can apply Mind Mapping to:
• Negotiations
• Planning
• Project working
• Idea generation and capture
• Planning and delivering presentations
• Public speaking
• Problem solving
• Creative thinking
• Note/Minute taking (spoken and written word)
• Information recall
• Interpret and summarise large documents
• Groups work (brain blooming etc)