Meetings, Facilitation and Coaching
Structured, group facilitation skills training enables managers and other professionals to draw maximum engagement and performance from others. Effective and fast facilitation of meetings and teams is a skill that can be trained and developed, and many consider the ability to act as a facilitator to be a key skill for managers and leaders. We provide courses and workshops and the provision of highly skilled facilitators to help you to tackle the real challenges facing your organisation.
Facilitation skills training, courses and workshops
We offer a unique range of facilitation training courses aimed at anyone who needs to be able to facilitate groups and teams effectively. These courses will provide you with high quality facilitation skills that will enable you to significantly enhance the quality of contribution from your team.
Choose from the following courses:
Facilitation Skills - Experienced facilitators share the secrets of their success, describing in detail what to do to achieve effective results every time. The training courses help develop a range of facilitation techniques and exercises to increase your confidence and impact in the groups, meetings and teams you facilitate.
RapidConsensus™ - This programme teaches the simple but powerful process of rapidly mining the collective knowledge of a group, reaching consensus on the best way forward and ensuring ownership and effective action. If you need training for fast facilitation of groups conducted in a structured way, you will find the RapidConsenus approach to be highly effective. This training course is new to the UK and is available only through Illumine Training, having been developed by Australia's leading professional facilitator.
Six Thinking Hats® - Edward de Bono's famous programme is based on the premise that many meetings are characterised by adversarial thinking. The simple, but profoundly effective six hats approach provides structured facilitation of groups that allows everyone in the meeting to be ‘on the same page' at the same time.