Facilitation Skills
Become a more successful facilitator and trainer
Whatever your training experience, it is always worth considering alternative approaches to engage and enrapture your audience. Developing your facilitation skills as a trainer can really help.
This facilitation skills programme is run by experienced facilitators who will share the secrets of their success, describing in detail what to do to achieve effective results every time.
Handling and effectively facilitating diverse and sometimes difficult groups can be challenging and taxing. That’s why having a range of facilitation skills techniques and exercises will increase your confidence and the impact of the sessions you facilitate.
Benefits of this course
• Increased confidence when planning and facilitating.
• An enhanced set of skills in the ‘toolkit’.
• Learn how to facilitate different group situations.
• Be prepared for any eventuality.
Who should attend?
Anyone who needs to:
• Facilitate groups.
• Run a training session.
• Lead a discussion.
• Motivate and facilitate people in a group situation. 
Course content
A highly interactive programme based on Accelerated Learning and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) principles. All delegates will be able to bring their ‘worst case scenarios’ and ‘difficult customer problems' to share and to practise solutions.
A range of different planning and facilitation skills will be discussed and practised, focusing on:
• Activities to undertake before you deliver your training.
• Greeting and welcome.
• Body Language.
• First Impressions.
• Ice breakers.
• Handling feedback.
• Dealing with challenging situations.
• Energisers.
• Endings.
There will be plenty of opportunities to discuss best practice and to share experience.
By the end of the facilitation skills training programme you will feel energised, confident and will be equipped with new techniques and skills as a facilitator, to enable you to deliver effective and successful courses in any field.