Rapid Consensus
Faster, better decision making from groups and meetings; decisions people feel they own; meetings people enjoy attending; make use of ALL the attendees' knowledge and viewpoints
It often seems that the norm in business life is unproductive group sessions that drag on and become contests of will, resulting in ill-informed decision making and a lack of belief and commitment to action at the end. The people involved in these meetings become demotivated or frustrated; after all they want to work in a collaborative and creative environment where they feel heard and valued.
RapidConsensus™ is a programme that teaches the simple but powerful process of:
• Rapidly mining the collective knowledge of a group. 
• Reaching consensus on the best way forward.
• Ensuring ownership and positive action.
Benefits of this course
RapidConsensus™ is a constantly developing programme based on over 20 years of research and practice. Its focus is in providing a robust process and model for facilitating group sessions, project meetings and discussions much more effectively - faster and with maximum group interaction.
• You will develop the knowledge required to question the structure of your group sessions and meetings. 
• Transform dysfunctional groups into effective resources using techniques at your disposal.
• You will be able to quickly and elegantly gain consensus on the way forward to ensure understanding and ownership by the whole group.
• Create the environment where people feel heard and valued - able and willing to contribute.
• Reduce organisational conflict.
• Reduce the time spent in group sessions and meetings.
• Reach decisions quicker, more effectively with buy-in. 
• You will have the confidence to move away from traditional chaired meetings and develop facilitated collective sessions.
Who should attend?
Those who feel their traditional styles of meetings and group sessions need an overhaul or just want to get more out of them.

Teams and Cross functional teams finding it difficult to reach consensus.

Organisations looking for a way to listen to all their staff, regardless of level.
Course content
• The Four Seasons Process - a profoundly simple and superbly effective structure to ensure all your attendees are at the same juncture. 
• Topic Mapping - capture creative and constructive dialogues without hindering the group's flow.
• Active Listening - develop good listening skills so that everyone benefits.
• People Reading - in order to create a level playing field you will learn to read people's styles and create a 'safe' place for them to interact.
• Group Dynamics - demonstrates the importance of creating the right environment for quality interaction. You will be shown how to set up a room to break down barriers to constructive conversation and maximise outcomes.