Lateral Thinking
Are you faced with fast changing trends and fierce competition? Do you need to work miracles despite tight budgets? Sound familiar? Then you need to think more laterally - i.e. you need Lateral Thinking.

Edward de Bono's Lateral Thinking™ programme delivers the classic “out of the box” thinking which most organisations expect from their management these days.

Lateral Thinking seeks a solution to a stubborn problem through unorthodox methods that would normally be ignored by logical thinking. This programme is more process-orientated than the other creativity programmes we offer. Edward de Bono divides thinking into two methods:
• Vertical thinking – using logical thought processes
• Lateral thinking – disrupting logical thought and arriving at the solution from another angle
Benefits of this course
• Develop better idea generation and problem solving skills.
• A valuable aid to strategic planning and process review.
• Out-manoeuvre the competition and gain competitive advantage by being more innovative.
• Use your ideas to get immediate results when attacking problems.
• Constructively challenge current thinking.
• Convert problems into opportunities.
Who should attend?
Those seeking to review their organisation’s strategy and competitiveness.
Those responsible for radically improving operational processes and procedures.
Those who prefer a more process-oriented approach to problem solving.
Course content
It also includes the following concepts:
• Alternatives – develop alternative ideas from the ideas you already have.
• Focus – define your focus and stick to it. The attitude of focusing on matters that are not problem areas.
• Challenge – breaking free from the limits of the accepted ways of thinking. Explore the way we do things and seek alternatives.
• Random entry – use completely random ideas to open up new lines of thinking.
• Provocation & Movement – explore how perceptions limit creativity and how to challenge those limitations.