Six Thinking Hats
Collaborative thinking for more productive meetings
Group decision making and idea evaluation can lead to conflict and poor judgement if not managed well. If this sounds familiar, then a creativity and problem solving programme geared towards more effective group dynamics is what you need. The Six Thinking Hats® programme uses techniques from Edward de Bono’s landmark book “Six Thinking Hats”. The programme teaches a surprisingly simple and proven technique that provides everyone with a format for harnessing enthusiasm, creativity, fact-finding and assessment. This makes every meeting, discussion or decision faster, more focused and more productive. It is delivered by one of Illumine’s certified de Bono trainers.
 Within one day we have learned valuable techniques on how to conduct meetings and effectively solve problems.
Six Thinking Hats is now available as a public workshop in Central London. If you are looking for a course featuring other creative thinking techniques please take a look at Creativity for Logical Thinkers. Find out more...
Benefits of this course
• Revolutionise group problem-solving, save time and reach decisions quickly.
• Become more objective when evaluating ideas.
• Bring positive change to an organisation in a simple way.
• Expand your thinking.
• Facilitate productive and effective meetings.
Who should attend?
Anyone who wants to run or contribute to more productive meetings, discussions and workshops.

Board members or executive committee members who have to regularly evaluate proposals and make collective decisions.
Course content
This is the official Six Thinking Hats programme. Powerful and 'hands-on' it is structured to help you break out of your 'thinking ruts' and develop shared thinking. You will leave confident in applying the Six Thinking Hats in your own situations:
• The theory behind Six Thinking Hats.
• Understand and practice the principles of each hat on their own and in sequence.
• Apply what you have learnt using real examples.
• How to use Six Thinking Hats both individually and in group exercises.
• How Six Thinking Hats are used in meetings – facilitate one or more meetings on your chosen topic(s).
• Learn how to sense when to choose which hat or sequences, to move your thinking forward.
• You will also learn how to more effectively generate new ideas, assess risk and benefits.
• Facilitate discussions on complex topics more effectively by targeting information that serves your needs.