Creativity in Business

Putting creativity at the heart of the organisation
Does your department or organisation need to be more creative? Or, do you want to make creativity an integral part of your organisation. In either case, Creativity in Business is the programme we recommend.

This is a comprehensive programme run over two full days. It provides practical techniques to ensure you gain a good understanding of the creative process. As a result, you will return to your organisation able to confidently implement what you have learnt.
Benefits of this course
The programme provides learning that can be applied immediately in the workplace. You will also:
• Gain a comprehensive understanding of the creative process.
• Be able to confidently use a broad range of problem solving and idea generating techniques.
• Learn how to use creativity to solve real business issues.
• Change the way you think and become more innovative.
Who should attend?
Anyone, at any level, who wants to unleash their own and their colleagues’ creativity.

Those who are serious about making creativity a key part of their organisation’s culture.

Those who want an in-depth understanding of creativity in business.
Course content
The approach is on 'showing, doing and experiencing' rather than 'telling'. There is very little sitting and listening. Team working is encouraged and enhanced.

All key creativity techniques will be covered more than once, in different ways, in order to cement learning. You will develop practical techniques to aid problem-solving, decision-making, the generation of new ideas and brainstorming. The programme also covers:
• Understanding the need for creativity – why do you and your organisation need to be more creative? What are the benefits? What difference does it make?
• Creativity exercises and self assessment – an exercise to benchmark creativity and raise awareness of what it is.
• The creative process – where ideas come from and the underlying process.
• Blocks to creativity and how to overcome them – how creativity is impacted by how we see problems and challenges, the assumptions we make and much more.
• The brain and diversity – information and exercises to introduce brain structure and function and its relevance to creativity.
• Creativity techniques – specific techniques for creative problem-solving and idea generation. A range of techniques are introduced, tried out and discussed.
• Mind Mapping – introducing the technique of Mind Mapping with particular emphasis on how to use this versatile technique to unleash creativity alone and in groups.
• Environment and culture – what hinders and enhances creativity in the office and elsewhere.
• Applying learning – planning how to use the approaches learnt over the two days.