Management & Leadership Essentials
Management and leadership skills are essential to get people working collectively to achieve the required personal and organisational goals and objectives. In fact, the effectiveness of management and leadership within an organisation is directly linked to how successful it is. Our range of management and leadership courses are ideal for any organisation looking to develop the effectiveness of their team leaders, managers and leaders.

Because the specific needs of every organisation are unique, the courses have been written in such a way that they can be easily tailored to meet organisations’ precise requirements. Our course outlines should therefore be regarded as indicative of course content; please talk to us about your specific needs.

Critical and Productive Management Skills:

Giving graduates and those new to or moving into a management role, the essential skills required to manage people and processes, is necessary for any organisation to ensure it has the best people ready to become the next generation of leaders. You cannot expect them to succeed by experience alone!

To be able to contribute effectively to the organisation, a manager needs to be competent in a range of critical management, thinking and soft skills. These include: planning; organising; people and team management; communication; decision making; problem solving; delegation; empowerment; performance management; engagement; motivation; coaching and conflict management.
Successful Leadership:
It is well understood that management and leadership are different. To be fully effective, developing both management skills and leadership skills is essential. There are many different types of leader and a style that works for one leader will be different to what works for another. Developing an awareness of different ways of leading and adopting an appropriate style of communicating and working with others, are important parts of the leadership journey.