From Competent Manager to Effective Leader
For good managers who want to become effective leaders.
Develop leadership skills by enhancing your communication style and understand how to harness the energy, enthusiasm and motivation of the people around you.
There are many differences between management and leadership. Being a competent, or even a good manager is an important development stage. Taking the step up to become an effective leader, requires additional skills and attitudes. On this course you will learn how the way you interact with other people affects them and how you can dramatically enhance your effectiveness by communicating effectively and inspiring those around you.
Benefits of this course
Move beyond the processes required to be a competent manager by learning the specific skills and behaviours needed to be an effective leader:
• Learn how to have great conversations with staff, peers and more senior colleagues even when put on the spot!
• Gain a better understanding of your style and how to adapt it to inspire and motivate others through effective communication.
• Develop an armoury of listening, questioning, verbal and non-verbal communication skills which can be used when dealing with others both formally and informally.
Who should attend?
Mid level managers – experienced first line managers and managers of managers.
Managers who want to become effective leaders.

Course content
Two day programme where the content can be tailored to specific requirements
• Your leadership style and impact on others - compare each of the leadership styles and the affects they have on people and performance.
• The essentials of leadership - engage and involve your team to achieve strategic objectives.
• Problem solving - analyse and solve problems both at team and organisational level.
• Support and develop your team - embrace the performance management process and propel people to the top of their game.
• Understanding interpersonal effectiveness - interpret the power of body language and emotion in line with our effectiveness.
• Different types of conversation (up, down and across) - maximise effectiveness in different hierarchical situations.
• How to have great conversations - modify your approach to all conversations and predict what makes them great and from whose perspective.
• Exceptional  communication skills - applied to: delegation, coaching, objective setting, negotiations and inter-department collaboration.
• Where to invest your energy as a leader - invest your energy where the greatest opportunities lie and improve performance.
• In the moment "the power of NOW" - manage that make you feel uncomfortable through adopting the right mindset ‘Be Here Now’