Passionate Leadership
Leading WITH passion and FOR passion
Extensive, ground-breaking research has revealed a straight forward approach to creating positive, productive and passionate teams. This programme, based on the PassionWorks!™  model and diagnostic, focuses on how to create and sustain passion at work. Leaders are able to understand the dynamics of passion at work and they learn how to manage the conditions which give rise to it.
Benefits of this course
Leading individuals and teams will be EASIER and more FUN with our practical tools and techniques. You will be able to:
• Guide staff to SELF-MOTIVATION
• Address performance gaps EASILY and POSITIVELY
• Coach to INSPIRE and boost OWNERSHIP
• Facilitate team meetings to generate ENERGY and ENGAGEMENT
• Recognise and address NEGATIVE behaviours
    Passion at work is what we feel when we are doing meaningful work that makes us feel better about ourselves at a pace that feels like real progress.

Who should attend
This programme is for managers and leaders who:
• want or need to engage and motivate staff.
• need to understand the core leadership skills - and how to develop them.
• are prepared to lead positively for superior results.
Course content
The programme begins with a confidential diagnostic based on the unique PassionWorks!™  model, providing valuable insights into the key elements of generating a passionate workplace.
This unique programme is based on the eight CORE LEADERSHIP SKILLS required to create and sustain a passionate workforce. These skills are:
• Align and Focus followers to create goal CLARITY and MOMENTUM
• Communicate and Inspire to UPLIFT your team
• Measure to track PROGRESS
• Coach and Challenge to build TALENT and create SUCCESS
• Improve Processes to INNOVATE and ACCELERATE results
• Remove Obstacles to STIMULATE progress
• Celebrate to nurture COLLABORATION
• Manage Disappointments to maintain ENGAGEMENT