Smarter 'Selling' - Building Better External and Internal Relationships
Whether selling products and services to valued customers, or wanting to communicate more effectively with other departments, trust-based relationships are the key to long-term success
This workshop, based on the best-selling book, Smarter Selling, shows you how to treat each buyer, either internal or external - as unique and how to approach each buyer differently - how to build credibility and create impact "in the moment" through intelligent questioning - always retaining a focus on what is best for the buyer, as opposed to what's best for the seller.
Benefits of this course
• Build rapport rapidly - approach buyers with greater confidence and comfort.
• Develop deep business relationships that last.
• Improve relationships within teams - be more influential, more persuasive and more highly regarded.
• Have an immediate impact on sales AND sell more over the long term.
• Work in a way that is based on trust and honesty by creating mutually beneficial relationships.
Who should attend?
The workshop is ideal where long-term trusted relationships are desired and is especially applicable in complex or high-value sales, professional services, consulting situations, internal communications and where a department's success depends on influence and persuasion rather than hierarchies and rules.
The workshop is equally applicable to internal support functions such as Finance, HR, Marketing and Communications teams as it is to external customer and client-facing groups.
Attending the workshop will be beneficial for many audiences:
• Anyone with a direct need to sell.
• Anyone responsible for a team or organisation that needs to sell.
• Anyone wanting to improve their own ability to develop deep business relationships.
• Anyone wanting to improve relationships within a team or organisation.
• These workshops have been delivered across many industries, countries and cultures.  Language is not an issue since it is people and how they think and behave, that we are dealing with, not the words they use. 
 Course content
• Identifying potential customers/clients on the basis of your target's
preferred buying criteria - to ensure maximum benefit from limited sales time.
• Qualifying the type and quality of existing buyer relationships and learning how to improve them.
• Identifying different buyer types and the roles they play in the sales process - and how to influence them. 
• Understanding each participant's own natural behaviours using the "Octagon™" behavioural assessment tool (or similar tool) - and how their behaviour impacts others in the sales process.
• Using "I" "We" "U" to establish rapport and build trust during telephone or face-to-face conversations.
• Adopting the "SHAPE™" questioning approach to demonstrate broad interest in the buyer's situation, establish real needs and envision desired futures.
• Using "Spicy Questions" and "Focus-5" to make the conversation more interesting - and memorable - for both buyer and seller.
• Using the Value Sheet tool to focus on buyer needs rather than the seller's products and/or services.
• Agreeing next steps and gaining commitment through the use of "CC Letters".
• Avoiding the folly of long formal proposals that eat time and do not win work.
• Gaining the advantage in formal presentation situations.
• Building a personal action plan to improve a specific current relationship.