Employee Engagement
Creating and sustaining passion in our workplace
Staff or Employee engagement is vital for organisations committed to enabling everyone to have fulfilling work experiences that enable them to contribute fully to the organisation's short, medium and long term goals.
This unique employee engagement programme is based on the PassionWorks!™  engagement model that incorporates a robust diagnostic that describes the work experience that is currently being experienced - and provides advice on how to move to an experience that is predominantly a ‘passionate' one.
Benefits of this course
Learn how to self-manage for high levels of engagement at work:
• Understand and nurture your own DRIVERS of passion at work
• Focus on what is MOST MEANINGFUL for you
• Frame (or re-frame) to see the PROGRESS and IMPACT you are making
• Understand and address negative patterns and behaviours
Passion at work is what we feel when we are doing meaningful work that makes us feel better about ourselves at a pace that feels like real progress 

Who should attend?
This programme is for Individuals who want to feel fully engaged - to ignite or re-ignite passion for their work.
Course content
Format: two day, one day or half day in-house course which can be tailored to meet particular needs.
Shorter staff briefing sessions can also be arranged to support the Passionate Leadership programme.
The programme begins with a confidential diagnostic based on the unique PassionWorks!™  model, providing valuable insights into the key elements of generating a passionate workplace.
 The programme is based on understanding both the drivers of full engagement at work and the blockers. Each workshop is tailored but will typically include:
• Passion at work: the benefits, understanding the model, identifying ‘passion' phases
• Understanding MEANING and its drivers
• Understanding the role of personal VALUES in generating a passionate work experience
• Understanding PROGRESS and how to see it more clearly
• Celebration and its importance
• Action planning: multiple activities to set personal goals